Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fashion's Night Out - Spet. 10

Exactly one week from tonight, Vogue will be celebrating fashion while encouraging shoppers to boost the economy - but in order for it to work You need to be involved. It's as easy as going to your favorite boutique, participating department stores, and mainstream chains. If you live in the NY area then you know exactly what I am talking about.
When I heard about the event last month I was so inspired I put a look together that I'm dying (and saving up) to buy! And I will tell you why...

1. The first thing on my list are a really cute pair of jewelled ballerina flats. I love the detail, and the metallic magenta is a plus!

2. Skinny jeans - we all love them. They are comfortable and slimming. Instead of the classic one tone jeans, I am insearch of the perfect gray acid wash pair like the ones from Balmain.

3. I can't wait to get my hands on a Fashion's Night Out Vogue tee. It's so adorable and will make any outfit unique.

4. One of the last things I am going to buy is a leather jacket similar to the one buy H&M. They come in and out of style but they last a very long time. Overtime it's going to be an investment rather than a buy.

5. The last thing I am going to buy is a Francisco Biasia calfskin zippered shoulder bag. I fell inlove with it around the holidays but because of the intense price I had to hold off. Well now it's 50% off! And I'm getting it! I particularly love the zipper detailing it's so stylish right now and puts a spin on the classic look that we are used to seeing.

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