Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What to wear Right Now

Okay, so if I didn't make myself clear in the last post I just want to let you know that Everything Fashion, and More will be opened very shortly. I am still updating and working on new posts and pictures to get Everything officially going. Back to this post - Plaid and checkered shirts are everywhere right now. You can find them anywhere from department stores to high-end boutiques. If you don't already own one I am going to tell you why it's time to get one! When I first saw everyone wearing them I thought it would be another trend only Celebes and models could pull off and get away with. Well, let me tell you I was so wrong! Just last weekend I went shopping at a local department store and I couldn't find one thing because they were having a one day sale. But, I came across this adorable Volcom black and white checkered shirt (that wasn't on sale but only $40) and I forced myself to try it on... Guess what? It looked even better on me then it did on the hanger! I put a really cute outfit together using clothes I already own like a white tanktop, black skinny's, and my Steve Madden silver zebra flats I got for Christmas. I swear, every time I wear them I get tons of compliments. The outfit is so comftorable and very stylish for the new season. If you don't own any of the items I listed; I found these great pieces to start you off on, under juniors'.

Rachel Bilson would be the celeb most likely to wear this. She practically lives in plaid and checkered shirts. But I don't blame her - they're adorable and so comfy!

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