Saturday, September 5, 2009

Top 10 Unbelievable Looks for Fall:

With only a few days away from the new season, I'm going to share with you - some of the hottest musts' of Fall '09. This year you won't even have to buy an entire new wardrobe! All you will need is a couple things, and the rest you can find in your own closet. Which is perfect for now because of the current reccession. It may be a sad and depressing loss to many people, but to all of my fellow fashion lovers - we are just embracing the saying "what is old, is new." I studied many of the current looks I am seeing for this fall, off the street, and in the past years. You will be pleased to know that cut-off's, minis, opaque tights, and ripped pantyhose are almost the main staple in everyone's wardrobe. Much like last year.

10. First Fall Look of 09. You can clearly see lots of layering going on. What to wear: You already own a "boyfriend cardigan," cut-off shorts, and sheer tights. Just add a chuncky knit scarf and boots. (Ankle booties will work just fine if you don't want to buy a pair of motorcyle inspired ones.)

9. ANIMAL PRINTS. They work very well if you tone it down just a bit. I don't encourage mixing a neon cheetah-print top with zebra leggings. Overpowering would be an understatement. Take it one trend at a time because sometimes less is more!
8. Leather on LEATHER! The new going-out-outfit; if I was of age I would so rock a leather suit to an event or a pub. It's very dramatic so you have to be a very bold person to wear it. I garauntee you will see tons of Celebes wearing them. (The key to pulling it off successfully is wearing it with a loose, vintage, plain tee.)

7. A Pop of Neon. Whoever said you weren't allowed to wear bright colors in the fall? If you had that impression its about to change because everywhere you look you will see eighties inspired styles. I styled more of a day-time look using some great finds from Topshop. The bright neon blue blazer is so afordable and stylish I don't know anyone who wouldn't buy it. By pairing it with a floral skirt and combat inspired boots you can create an explosion of style.
6. Christopher Kane. Love him or hate him the man has eccentric taste! His famous Gorilla T-Shirt is going to be unleashed everywhere this fall. Celebes like Rihanna, who is known for her extreme sense of style, was already spotted rocking one of his dresses during the summer months. Therefore I had to create a look that only one of the most daring of all people would wear.
Stay tuned for the Next Top 5....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fashion's Night Out - Spet. 10

Exactly one week from tonight, Vogue will be celebrating fashion while encouraging shoppers to boost the economy - but in order for it to work You need to be involved. It's as easy as going to your favorite boutique, participating department stores, and mainstream chains. If you live in the NY area then you know exactly what I am talking about.
When I heard about the event last month I was so inspired I put a look together that I'm dying (and saving up) to buy! And I will tell you why...

1. The first thing on my list are a really cute pair of jewelled ballerina flats. I love the detail, and the metallic magenta is a plus!

2. Skinny jeans - we all love them. They are comfortable and slimming. Instead of the classic one tone jeans, I am insearch of the perfect gray acid wash pair like the ones from Balmain.

3. I can't wait to get my hands on a Fashion's Night Out Vogue tee. It's so adorable and will make any outfit unique.

4. One of the last things I am going to buy is a leather jacket similar to the one buy H&M. They come in and out of style but they last a very long time. Overtime it's going to be an investment rather than a buy.

5. The last thing I am going to buy is a Francisco Biasia calfskin zippered shoulder bag. I fell inlove with it around the holidays but because of the intense price I had to hold off. Well now it's 50% off! And I'm getting it! I particularly love the zipper detailing it's so stylish right now and puts a spin on the classic look that we are used to seeing.

Too Hot to Handle

Here's how to get Vanessa's edgy look from the last issue of InStyle:
1. 3.1 Phillip Lim-Oversized Jersey T-Shirt
2. Alexander McQueen Pelle Leather Sandals
3. Coast Stores-Organza skirt
Then, pair it with hardware inspired accessories and jewels and you're ready to go!

I love this look because it's so statement-making. I would virtually wear this anywhere!

P.S. Don't be shy, leave comments on any of the posts you liked, found helpful, or even inspiring; even if you want to say you like the playlist or have a song to suggest. Any feedback is fine!

Fall Beauty Essentials

Now that you are aware of a few fall wardrobe Musts. It’s time to update your hair and makeup routine. This season I noticed that many makeup artists are giving their clients very simple looks. Well frankly the basic black liquid eyeliner gets boring after a year of using - and over using. When you think of fall you tend to push towards neutrals, smoky-eyes, and lavenders which are all correct but instead of using the basic colors try subtle shimmer neutrals like peach, lavender, and beige. Then apply a deep plum or chocolate brown eyeliner and matching mascara. For your lips use a nude lip-gloss one shade darker than your actual shade. OPI’s new Espana collection is perfect for fall nail lacquer. There are plenty of magentas and deep-dark colors you are used to seeing in fall, but now they are updated! Last but not least, if you want to stick with your foundation from the summer that is always fine or you can try using a cream foundation depending on your skin type. If you have oily skin then just stick to whatever you are using. But if you don’t, a crème foundation will set off your entire look and give you a rich dewy complexion.

For your hair simply add a headband and put it in a low casual ponytail. You won’t believe how dressed-up you will look! (Remember to add volume at your roots to get the look just right.)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Channeling: Debbie Harry

During the 80's she was simply known as "Blondie." She associated with Andy Warhol, graced the covers of Rolling Stone, and had a cool stage persona and streetwise style. Nowadays, designers everywhere are remembering her for her true iconicness that rocked the 80's. I put together a really fun look that I think a more current 'Blondie-wannabe' would most definitely rock.

What to wear Right Now

Okay, so if I didn't make myself clear in the last post I just want to let you know that Everything Fashion, and More will be opened very shortly. I am still updating and working on new posts and pictures to get Everything officially going. Back to this post - Plaid and checkered shirts are everywhere right now. You can find them anywhere from department stores to high-end boutiques. If you don't already own one I am going to tell you why it's time to get one! When I first saw everyone wearing them I thought it would be another trend only Celebes and models could pull off and get away with. Well, let me tell you I was so wrong! Just last weekend I went shopping at a local department store and I couldn't find one thing because they were having a one day sale. But, I came across this adorable Volcom black and white checkered shirt (that wasn't on sale but only $40) and I forced myself to try it on... Guess what? It looked even better on me then it did on the hanger! I put a really cute outfit together using clothes I already own like a white tanktop, black skinny's, and my Steve Madden silver zebra flats I got for Christmas. I swear, every time I wear them I get tons of compliments. The outfit is so comftorable and very stylish for the new season. If you don't own any of the items I listed; I found these great pieces to start you off on, under juniors'.

Rachel Bilson would be the celeb most likely to wear this. She practically lives in plaid and checkered shirts. But I don't blame her - they're adorable and so comfy!

Brief Presentation

Basically, Everything Fashion, and More is going to be a blog based 100% on anything from trends, style, and beauty. Iina(iiNA.LOVES.YOUx) and I(Balenciaga) will let you know what's hot and what's Not. My other friend Emma(sweet_3094) will also be apart of the blog when she returns. For now you can listen to our playlist located on the side and view the temporary banner above. You will see more displays like that when Everything Fashion is officially opened.

(Here we go...)