Saturday, September 5, 2009

Top 10 Unbelievable Looks for Fall:

With only a few days away from the new season, I'm going to share with you - some of the hottest musts' of Fall '09. This year you won't even have to buy an entire new wardrobe! All you will need is a couple things, and the rest you can find in your own closet. Which is perfect for now because of the current reccession. It may be a sad and depressing loss to many people, but to all of my fellow fashion lovers - we are just embracing the saying "what is old, is new." I studied many of the current looks I am seeing for this fall, off the street, and in the past years. You will be pleased to know that cut-off's, minis, opaque tights, and ripped pantyhose are almost the main staple in everyone's wardrobe. Much like last year.

10. First Fall Look of 09. You can clearly see lots of layering going on. What to wear: You already own a "boyfriend cardigan," cut-off shorts, and sheer tights. Just add a chuncky knit scarf and boots. (Ankle booties will work just fine if you don't want to buy a pair of motorcyle inspired ones.)

9. ANIMAL PRINTS. They work very well if you tone it down just a bit. I don't encourage mixing a neon cheetah-print top with zebra leggings. Overpowering would be an understatement. Take it one trend at a time because sometimes less is more!
8. Leather on LEATHER! The new going-out-outfit; if I was of age I would so rock a leather suit to an event or a pub. It's very dramatic so you have to be a very bold person to wear it. I garauntee you will see tons of Celebes wearing them. (The key to pulling it off successfully is wearing it with a loose, vintage, plain tee.)

7. A Pop of Neon. Whoever said you weren't allowed to wear bright colors in the fall? If you had that impression its about to change because everywhere you look you will see eighties inspired styles. I styled more of a day-time look using some great finds from Topshop. The bright neon blue blazer is so afordable and stylish I don't know anyone who wouldn't buy it. By pairing it with a floral skirt and combat inspired boots you can create an explosion of style.
6. Christopher Kane. Love him or hate him the man has eccentric taste! His famous Gorilla T-Shirt is going to be unleashed everywhere this fall. Celebes like Rihanna, who is known for her extreme sense of style, was already spotted rocking one of his dresses during the summer months. Therefore I had to create a look that only one of the most daring of all people would wear.
Stay tuned for the Next Top 5....

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  1. Hey, Chloe!!
    I adore your blog, love. Now that is fab!! Keep up the good work.
    p.s. I have the Mango tee as on Scarlett on your banner. I adore Mango. I am planning on buying that leopard coat.